​​​​​​Ancient Waves Bracelets 

 Jim, 2017  

       I was first diagnosed with arthritis at age 24 (48 years ago) and like everyone else it got worse each year.  I had developed trigger finger on my right hand and constant pain in my left shoulder and right hand fingers.  My wife would see me sitting rubbing my left shoulder and worried that I was having heart attack symptoms.  I was spending around $80 per month for an anti- inflammatory medication which was definitely helping but didn't solve all the pain or the trigger finger.   When I came across a gentleman selling this jewelry I decided to try a bracelet because it was quite attractive and IF it  helped with the pain that would be a bonus.  Within in a week I could completely close my right hand and the trigger finger was gone.  Then the pain in my left hand gradually went away.  I still had some  pain in my shoulder and could not sleep on that side.  I contacted the gentleman who sold me the bracelet and he suggested that I probably needed more help because of my advanced arthritis.  I  bought one of their large necklaces and now I sleep on either side and no longer take the anti-inflammatory meds.  This jewelry has changed my life because  it's hard to enjoy life when you are in pain all the time.  


Joseph C. says: 02/26/2017
 I've had migraines and headache since an accident in the service around 1967.  I have tried Neurology Doctors, Pharmaceuticals ie:(hydrocodone/acetaminophen, Cetirizine HCL, Budesonide, Imitrex, Vicodin, and lots of Beta Blockers), Neck Traction, Tens Unit, Chiropractic, Nucca Chiropractic, reflexology and  trigger points, Acupuncture, Botox Injections, even Medical Cannabis.  When I first heard of this amazing technology, I could not believe it till I tried it for myself.  At the time when I was told about these bracelets I was dealing with migraine pain  for 4 weeks, and headaches everyday.   After receiving my bracelet and wearing it for the first 3 days the migraine was gone.  I thought it was a placebo effect, but after wearing the bracelet for the first week the daily headaches were gone too.  Since I've been using the bracelet I have NO migraines or headache pain.   I have been telling my family and friends about the bracelet and even purchased one for my wife


Lynn, Age 68

            When I started wearing the ancient wave bracelet I was able to discontinue taking an  inflammation reducing supplement I was buying which quickly covered the cost of the bracelet. The results were great so I purchased a necklace a year later.  I noticed a profound difference when I started wearing the necklace.  The combination of that and the bracelet greatly improved my sinus headaches (suffered since a teenager) eliminating the need for more over the counter meds and it made  a HUGE difference in my balance!! I had also started having difficulty in swallowing when taking the first bite of food @ mealtime. I was thinking I needed to see a doctor to have my esophagus stretched. Since then I have not had ANY problems swallowing since wearing both jewelries AND have continued to greatly improve my neck and shoulder issues. Since then I started wearing an ankle bracelet along with the necklace and bracelet and have seen a vast improvement in the pain from a bony knot on the top of my big toe.  This know had caused me problems with wearing so many of my shoes--not an issue any more! While I had hoped the jewelry would help some I'm simply amazed how it has improved my quality of life, eliminating pain and saving money and hassle of taking supplements & over the counter medication.


These are just a few of many,many testimonies we have received in the past. We have just started asking customers for testimonies to share with others.

​More coming soon.

   Vickie P.  8/2017
Just wanted to give a short testimony about the Ancient Waves Bracelet I bought this past Friday at First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas. I bought one for myself because of increased pain, caused from inflammation, in my back and hip.  After having the bracelet on for 24 hours, my pain in my hip & lower back was gone.

  I put the bracelet on my mother-in-law the next day.  She is 84 years old. She suffers from advanced degenerative bone disease.  Has to have help getting up to a standing position, while holding on to her walker.It broke my heart as I have watched over the past few years, how the disease slowly robbed her of the ability to walk and do even the simplest of tasks.  After the bracelet had been on for about 3 hours, she asked me where I had gotten it.  She looked at me and said the pain in her knees was gone completely, and when she stood up ( with no assistance this time) she said she only felt pressure on her knees,  not the intense pain that she experienced 24/7.  She still moves slowly with the walker, but not as slow as before, and with no intense pain when she’s walking.  What a blessing to not see her struggling with that horrible pain any longer.  I’m so thankful that I have found something that works so well.


My name is Heather Jean- 02/22/2017

    I have been living with severe arthritis and joint pain for the last 10 years. The pain is so bad at times I literally cry and have to force myself to move. I had to quit wearing any jewelry on my hands because my fingers swell up and rings cut off my circulation. I haven't been able to close my hand and make a proper fist in 7 years. Living with this constant pain everyday was making me depressed because no matter what I did, I couldn't get any pain relief. All my doctors would do was give me medications and I am not a big fan of medicine. I now no longer need any medications because God made sure I was in the right place and the right time. My family and I where vendors at the flea market in Winnie, TX and my teenage daughter came back from her walk and told me about this nice couple she met that could help me with my pain. She insisted it was real and she was not joking and I had to immediately take a break and go see for myself. Thank goodness I did. I was given a beautiful bracelet to put on while I talked to the nice couple. Not even a full minute later my pain in my left wrist and hand was COMPLETELY GONE! I was able to close my hand into a fist and my fingers where actually skinny again! The swelling was completely gone! I was so happy and I immediately got tears in my eyes because I was pain free. Not only did it take away my pain, it made my balance better and made me stronger. When we where loading up for the day, I realized I had a 6 ft folding table in EACH HAND carrying them to the truck. I used to struggle with just one! This may sound foolish, but I strongly believe this bracelet saved my life. I never take it off and I will never be able to thank Mr. & Mrs. Doty enough. God bless

My daughter Layla was diagnosed with severe ADHD when she was in the third grade. I postponed putting her on medications because I didn't want her personality to change and I was worried it might cause an addiction problem later down the road. I tried everything I could, but nothing helped her and she was struggling bad. I finally caved and put her on meds. I will admit they worked. Her grades improved and she started enjoying school. I do not make her take her pill if she isn't in school and you can definitely tell when she doesn't take it. She came across a vendor that was playing K-Love (Christian music) in the background so of course she had to go in and check it out. She puts on this bracelet and she said almost immediately she was able to focus on one task and not break concentration. I noticed that her talking had slowed down, stayed talking about one topic at a time, and the volume was lowered to her inside voice! It was like she took her medicine but only better because she wasn't "dragging". She was able to sit down and actually STAY STILL. She even went and took a nap! When she takes her medicine she is still a little jittery and she is never able to take a nap. So, we tried an experiment and didn't give her, her pill the next morning for school to see how she would do with the bracelet only. She is a high school freshman with an honor roll average so it's important she stays focused and on task. She came home all excited because the bracelet worked better than her pill and she felt amazing! She hasn't taken her medication since she got the bracelet! Her grades are still on point and she is happier than ever. These bracelets are amazing! You and your wife really gave me a miracle that day! 
 Heather Jean


I personally have been wearing this technology for 8 years. People keep asking me if I have a website. Well here we are now! The reason we started sharing this amazing technology is because of my family and myself. Everyone in my family was touched in such a life changing way we had to tell people about it. My Mom at 76 was falling every 6 weeks or so for several years. After putting the bracelet on she has not fallen, that was 8 years ago.

 My wife had carpal tunnel and migraines. After she put the bracelet on 15 minutes later her carpal tunnel was gone. A few weeks later we realized her migraines were gone. She said we need to start selling these..

 Now for me I blew my back out 12 years ago and was living in severe pain in my lower back. There was times I would bend over to wash my feet in the shower and could not straighten up. I was locked half way bent over. Since I found out about this technology, I have not been caught locked up bending over to pick up an empty feed bucket or washing my toes in the shower. Thank you Lord Jesus for this product. I sold these bracelets for 3 years pain free except when I tried to tie my shoes & put may socks on, there was stiffness & pain. Again after doubling up on the technology I was able to tie my shoes and put my socks on the next day! I could write a book on the stories that I have seen this technology help people with. I would like for anyone who would like to share with others to send me your testimony so I can share it with people. It takes months and some people years  to see a life changing experience, and then some hours, but most people only minutes. Our prayers here at Ancient Wave Bracelets, is that everyone who puts this technology on their body will be blessed with a better quality of life.

  Blessings Jarrell-01/2017


Nicole S. says: 01/2017

When I was first introduced to this amazing science I could not believe it till I saw it for myself. At the time when I was introduced to these bracelets I was dealing with excruciating pain from my sciatic nerve caused from pregnancy. My doctor said after having my child this pain would not stay with me, unfortunately for me my doctor was completely wrong and I was a lucky lady whom the pain stuck with. I was told about this amazing science because I was literally falling to the floor in pain. I had even fell to the floor with my child in my arms at one point and it scared me. I hoped and prayed I would not have this happen again as I didn't want to cause injury to me or my sweet girl, thankfully these bracelets came into my life and my pain instantly left. I was, of course,  in shock but after understanding the science due to my background in nursing school I understood more how this was helping my body. Later I realized that something I dealt with my whole life ADD that made it very difficult while studying on the college level was not present like it had been before. Reading used to be such a chore and something I have never had interest in due to the ADD as retaining and staying on task while reading came with much difficulty re-reading pages and even chapters at a time had become a automatic for me as the result of my ADD. After a little while of wearing this bracelet,  I had noticed I was retaining and staying on task with ease, so I decided to start a series that had been popular that year and much to my surprise (yes I was still surprised) I had read a 500 plus page book never once had to reread and retained every detail and wanting to read more!!! Now I love reading, I love the fact that I can retain and recollect and even join and have book clubs. I am so thankful for this technology that I was introduced to!



 I just wanted to take a moment and give you some feedback about the bracelet.

I haven't tried it yet, I loaned it to my cousin, who was visiting when it arrived. She is in a lot of pain with back pain that becomes so bad she cannot sit or stand without severe pain, even getting stuck in a position and can't move for several minutes. She put it on when we picked it up on Wednesday evening, and has been wearing it ever since. She will have it for another two weeks, until I see her again and get it back.

The first thing I noticed was that her attitude and temperament changed. She has been under a lot of stress lately and her conversations have been mostly complaint based and unhappy with situation and upset. She came to visit to "get away from it all" and try to relax. We picked up the bracelet on our trip back to her house, where we stayed for four days.

Ordinarily, at home, she would be impatient and snap at her son and husband and dogs, but she was much calmer than i have seen her in a long time. Even amidst the household chaos that usually sends her into a flustered state, she seemed like she was coping better than she has lately.

Also, her work-at-home job requires her to go into the office one day a week, and that day usually triggers severe back pain and she can't stand to make supper at the end of the day. Her office work day was the next morning after we got the bracelet, and she came home and was fine, and made supper and was still fine, and at the end of the evening she had pain but it was nowhere near as bad as it usually gets. I look forward to seeing how she does this Thursday when she has an office day again.

Lastly, her mood was chipper and playful, something i haven't seen in a long time. She's been very down and "at the end of her rope" for so long, even fun visits have the shadow of her discontent hanging over them. This visit was very different. We had so much fun. And even when she did lose her temper and become agitated, it completely switched in a moment to laughter when the moment was over, and I was amazed at her transformation.

I am very impressed so far with these results. I only told my cousin that the bracelet was for "pain relief" but I know it should have a very grounding affect, being Mother Earth's natural frequency, and I was pleased to see how stable my cousin's emotions were while she was wearing the bracelet, confirming my expectations.

I think the next thing I will do is offer it to my husband to wear. He's having bad pain due to activity (he plays hockey) and pain in his hands (possibly arthritis, not sure) and stress, so he'd be a better candidate for results than me at the moment, I am doing well right now, and I think he'll benefit more from it at this time. If he likes it, I will probably just order another one for myself, possibly an anklet or necklace, as the bracelet is my least favorite place to wear jewellery, as I am very hard on bracelets and would be afraid of damaging such a valuable piece of jewellery.

Does the tungsten cross bling that I got come in longer lengths for the ankle?

I'll keep you posted on my cousin's comments when I see her in two weeks and get her feedback.

Warm regards,